P & Co Group is a unique one stop solution for all businesses.

We are a modern progressive organisation, catering to the needs of the individual and corporate entities aiming to provide comprehensive, efficient and secure service at competitive rates for all kinds of business.

As a modern company we run a 24 hours, seven day a week services. We are in a position to be small enough to offer a friendly personal service but also large enough to handle all kinds of business requirements. We are passionate about our clients and understand that listening to them is important. Working closely with our large client base over the years has given us a deeper insight of their needs and the frustrations they have experienced with previous companies.

We also offer a broad portfolio of recruitment service, tailoring the most effective recommendation of each client’s needs and ensuring we always provide unsurpassed quality, consistency and measurable cost effective results.

Our Team

Our success and achievements can be attributed directly to our staff, from our directors right down to cleaning staff.

We have a team of well trained, experienced and dedicated staff who manage and run the day to day operations of the organisation. Having so many different functioning departments that also exist as individual “sub-companies” there is a need to have personnel who are specialised in their various fields of expertise.

In order to maintain this high standard of efficiency, our teams receive periodic training to advance and hone their skill to be able to provide top class service. In fact we can boast that there have been no client complaints about any member of staff for almost two years.