We provide recruitment service aimed at job seekers as well as employers. Using  well laid-out plans and processes we are able to gather best-fit candidates for every job opening that employers would list on this site.

interview2After the initial contact with an employer  to discuss their hiring process, they may fill out the the job specification form on our website after which we would have a detailed, face-to-face or telephone discussion concerning the requirements of the role they are trying to fill. By this we aim to help with the preparation of the job description.

A good job description and a reasonable remuneration package makes the role attractive to prospective employees. An honest appraisal of every role in the light of current market conditions, is always included in the services we provide to both the employer and the job seeker.


Project timescales and milestones, agreed beforehand, are considered before being applied to the recruitment process. Bespoke solutions have to be prepared for every job specification since no two recruitment processes are the same. Our extensive database of potential candidates plus the open online recruitment channel through the social media network  provide a broad base of availability for most openings.

haeder-imgWe select preferred candidates for interview from a group of people who’ve been qualified against all of your technical, creative and personality requirements. We are also able to arrange medical checks and CRB screenings and guarantee candidates’ credibility by our referencing procedure.

As part of a global group with hands-on industry knowledge, we’re able to offer informed recruitment solutions for all areas of your organisation.


As a credible and informed recruitment agent, P and Co offers an up-to-date view on the current jobs market; helping you to keep abreast of any industry movements or changes that may affect your job search.

job-openingsIn an effort to assist your job search, we’ve also compiled a list job openings whwhere you can start looking and applying for, while we try to match you skills (as per submitted CV) with our steady influx of opportunities from our registered employers.

We are also ready to assist job seekers with any useful guides you may need to equip you with the necessary know-how.  From writing the perfect CV and achieving interview success, to managing your job and surviving redundancy and to achieve job satisfaction.